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Beautiful Barisal Place

Barisal (Bengali: বরিশাল) is a district in south-central Bangladesh, formerly called Bakerganj district, established in 1797.[1] Its headquarters are in the city of Barisal, which is also the headquarters of Barisal Division.[2]

History of Barisal[edit]

Barisal District is a district in southern Bangladesh and is also the headquarter of Barisal Division.[2]

Formerly the district was called Bakerganj which was established as a district in 1797. It was a municipality from 1876 to 2002 and upgraded to Barisal City Corporation in 2002. Barisal was declared a division on 1 January 1993. Barisal district consists of one city corporation, five municipalities, 66 wards, 111 mahallas, 10 upazilas, 86 union parishads, 1147 mouzas and 1175 villages.[citation needed]

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